Brake Repair Prevention

Brake repair, want to know how to prevent it? There are maintenance steps an auto owner can take. Having good communication with one’s mechanic is important, too. Dialogue with a pro can be a great way to keep a car running and stopping smoothly. 
Here are some ways to avoid unnecessary service calls:

Keep everything clean: It’s important that brakes and wheels remain spic-and-span. This will extend the life of the devices and make them function more efficiently. It’s important to use proper cleaning products which can be purchased at your local auto parts store.

Downshift in dry weather, especially when driving down a mountain road. Downshifting can cause a vehicle to slow down before even pushing the brake pedal. This can only be done during dry weather, however. Slick surfaces after snowstorms or heavy rain may result in skids.

Don’t “ride” your brakes. Keeping your foot on them will cause the devices to overheat and wear out more quickly. Slow and moderate pressure will be preferable.

Have brake pads checked every six months: If pads are kept in good shape, it will minimize the grinding, damage and wearing out which could otherwise occur. Regular check ups will cut down on heftier repair bills.

What kind of questions should a motorist ask their mechanic?

How does he or she feel about lifetime brake pads? It will probably depend on how long the car will be kept. Some mechanics swear by them and others think an auto owner is better off with the basics and planning to replace them over time.

What kind of training has he or she had? Brake jobs are crucial for the safety of all on the road. You want a technician who has been well trained with a number of years of experience under their tool belt.

Ask to see the pads or parts that need replacing. Let’s face it; seeing is believing. You don’t want to replace items that aren’t truly worn out. You also want to understand what worn out parts look like.

Are there certain times of the year when specials are offered at this shop? It’s better to wait for special sales at auto repair shops that you trust than to chase after advertisements. An inexpensive automotive service may cost a lot more in the long run if it’s done improperly.

Squeaks away: If brakes are in good shape but are making a lot of noise squeaking, there are steps to take to remedy this. Your mechanic may be able to spray a lubricant on them, sand them down or adjust them so they don’t make so much noise. Squeaky brakes may be a result of dust, dirtFree Web Content, cold weather or humidity.

Is the shop locally owned and operated? Technicians and shop owners that also live in your community are apt to be more invested in their neighborhood. Their reputation is at stake and they’ll likely want the best for their neighbors.

Maintenance and a good relationship with the techs at an automotive shop are important. Both will go a long way in preventing unnecessary brake repair.